We pride ourselves on making quality craft beer that stands out from the rest. Our snapchat series lets our brewers experiment on our one barrel pilot system with any crazy recipe they dream up and test them solely at our Taproom (for seven seconds and seven seconds only). Here are a few that literally high-fived our mouth.




This is gonna be a great beer. It's absolutely fantastic. We use all the best water and the best hops. It's true. Mosaic hops. You can smell them. You can taste them. You can grab them by the petal. It's fantastic. All other beers fail. Total disaster. Budweiser? It's fake. It's a fake beer. This double IPA is gonna be the greatest beer we ever brewed. Nobody brews a beer like we do. It's the biggest beer ever. Tremendous. It's gonna be huge.!

10% ABV 90 IBU

Released 2.10.17



Remember that old 1980s classic Revenge of the Nerds? Did you know it was filmed in Tucson? Ever identify with those nerdy underdogs? Yeah, we didn't think so. THE ALPHA BETAS RULE! Naturally, this badass IPA is nothing short of representing a victory that should have been, until hollywood got in the way and made you fall in love with the dweeby nerds. So, here's to the Alpha Betas! With the addition of the rare Caliente hop, this IPA won't fit in your traditional IPA box. But hey, maybe you need to work on not typecasting so much, maybe the jocks can be the good guys?! Maybe this IPA tasting of Honey, Passion Fruit, Pine and Currants can open your closed mind a little! COME ON! Alpha Betas RULE!

8.6% ABV 50 IBU

Released 2.9.17



We know this girl from a lonely street. She is cold as ice cream, but has never tried it because she's lactose intolerant. She doesn't have to be so bummed anymore because now the joys of Sunday can be found at the bottom of a pint of our Single Hopped Blondie. Using Pekko hops to create an herbal flavor of mint and sage complimented by pineapple and melon flavors, you won't have to live in your dreams anymore Sunday Girl.

5.5% ABV 25 IBU

Released 2.2.17



One pint a day keeps the nice abs away, but it won't matter with the refreshing delight our Kölsch will bring ye. This Daily Delight is our tribute to one of the most unique historical Germans Styles; Kölsch Ale. A hybrid style using Ale yeast at lagering temperatures, the Kölsch is a crisp, refreshing but lightly fruity golden brew. We took one sip and knew this was a beer we would be drinking daily the rest of our days...which may be numbered under the current administration. Gulp.

5% ABV 25 IBU

Released 1.6.17


STOUT CHOCULA milk chocolate stout

One Flagstaff Brewery! AH AH AH! One Phoenix brewery! AH AH AH! Two different Stout recipes! AH AH AH! Then a BUNCH of Organic Cocoa nibs from Ghana and more than generous amounts of Lactose... Slowly from the fermentation coffin arises the... Stout Chocula! We teamed up with our friends at SunUp Brewing Co. to create this heartless brew that comes out (of taps) at night and takes your blood (alcohol content) where you never expected it (up).

6.4% ABV 40 IBU

Released 12.10.16



You fear no fate, and like us, you’d punch anything to save a pup. Even if that means fist-to-fist combat with a Roo that could destroy you. You deserve a trophy. We don’t make those, but we did brew a smooth malty rich Nut Brown that could substitute wonderfully. With aromas of pine and mint from Chinook, Magnum and Polaris hops, this powerful Nut Brown can serve a hit you’ll be feeling tomorrow. G’day.

6.9% ABV 50 IBU

Released 11.15.16



Barrel Aged Sais it aint so

Everything you loved from our Sais it Aint So Saison but now barrel aged in red wine and Chardonnay barrels. Hints of oak, funkiness an extra spice kick from the addition of Hawthorn Berries.

6% ABV 15 IBU

Released 10.31.16

Berry Manilow

Our crisp Blackberry Lager is a dedication to the guy who could use a win. We figure pairing an easy drinking lager with some easy listening tunes is a win for all parties. Hopefully this dedication will make up for the 1993 lawsuit filed by an Arizona judge against good ol' Barry for a concert for being to loud in Tuscon. Seriously, that happened. We know it sounds made up, but hopefully not to loud...

6.8% ABV 55 IBU

Released 11.1.16


Bert's Beer

What do you get when you cross a brewer from New Jersey with a drinker from Belgium? We still don't know either, but we've got one of each in the HBC family. Pairing Belgium's classic spicy yeast flavors with our hop forward citrusy American IPA's we've found ourselves with a brew as unique are our own resident 'Foreigner' Bert. With a powerfully spicy grapefruit and spice aroma, you'll find Bert's Beer balanced with a smooth malt backbone and, after a dry-hopping with Hallertau Blanc, a crispy floral and citrus finish.

6.8% ABV 55 IBU

Released 10.18.16


Over the Top

"The world meets nobody halfway. When you want something, you gotta take it." -Lincoln Hawk. We live by those words. That's why we brewed a huge Imperial IPA, because it's what we wanted. With a hop character as powerful as Sylvester Stallone's guns, our dry hopped IIPA slams a fist full of mango, papaya, and stone-fruit flavor and aroma. A pint of this bad boy is almost like drinking 4 oz. of 80 proof hard liquor. Unfiltered and best not messed with, so just drink it down.

10.4% ABV 80 IBU

Released 10.4.16



They said it could never be done. They said the technology didn't exist, but here we are after years of funding, research, specialists, sleepless nights, more cups of coffee than we needed, and finally we've made contact. Contact with Pilsner, Vienna and Munich malts that is. This classic Märzen will take your palate on an exploration of a land inhabited by a unique being known as the German. We have learned so much from these creatures, mainly a ton of great brewing practices and beer styles. We're sure you'll have the same out-of-this-world experience we had when we first tasted this malty classic German Lager. Prost!

5.3% ABV 20 IBU

Released 9.17.16


Sais a LIL Prayer

And we all Sais,

Our brewer in Flagstaff, hallowed be your brew. Your brewery come, your brew be done, on tap as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily brew, and forgive us our tabs, as we also forgive those who owe us a round. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil light lagers that plague our lands. For the malts, the hops, and the yeast are yours now and forever. Amen.

PS. Praise be for the hoppy Saison that doth boast glorious spicy, citrus, gooseberry and white wine aromas. Its crisp dry finish quenches even the deepest of thirsts.

8% ABV 40 IBU

Released 8.30.16



No matter where your personal politics fall, there is no denying that Michelle Obama is an exceptional individual. From her impressive education to her equally impressive arms, that badass brings something extra special to the White House. To honor this badass of a First Lady, we'd like to dedicate our latest IPA to her. Introducing the We Go High-XIPA. With the extremely delicious Ella and Aurora hops, this IPA packs an extra tropical flavor you might be missing from IPAs and First Ladies of the past.

8.6% ABV 80 IBU

Released 8.9.16


Sais My Name Saison

Any other day, we'd call and you'd ask about our day. But you've been acting kinda strange so we brewed this rye Saison so you'd say our name. If no one is around you then why aren't you saying our name? Actually if people are around you, say it then too. We want them to know you're on the phone with us... Tell them about this Saison you just tried that takes a classic Saison and makes it pop with the addition of earthy rye malt. So, if you ain't runnin' games Sais My Name. Or just order another and you don't have to say anything.

6.3% ABV 50 IBU

Released 7.26.16


Bohemian rye'sody

Is this the real Rye? Is this just Fantasy? Sorry, didn’t mean to make you cry, it is real rye so carry on and order one. As dark as the mustache of the Legendary Freddie Mercury, our Cascadian dark ale will have any Scaramouch doing the fandango. With the trifecta of American hops - Columbus, Cascade and Centennial, our Bohemian Rye’sody boasts a thunderbolt of lightening-like citrus aroma complimented by the addition of grapefruit. While enjoying its long delicious bitter and grapefruit finish, you see- anyway the wind blows, nothing else really matters to me…to me (except drinking this beer).

6.6% ABV 64 IBU

Released 6.28.16


Sais it aint so

There was a time when Emo music wasn't something to be afraid of, but, Sais It Aint So! That time is no more. Likewise there was a time when a Saison wasn’t brewed with dragon fruits, peaches or sprinkles, but that time may be Only In Dreams. No One Else loves Saison like we do, so we've brewed a traditional Belgian style with a slap of wheat to make you sip like you're living The Good Life. What a Glorious Day it will be when you get a hit of the beautiful classic Saison yeast aromas followed by its crispy bubbly finish. You’ll want to Take Control once you’ve been made a Slave by the Possibilities of the Love Explosions that will Fall Together in your mouth. You’d have to be a Maladroit to not love this brew. Also, we love Weezer.

6% ABV 25 IBU

Released 6.14.16


Prickly Puss Sour

At first we let our cat write the description to our Prickly Puss Sour, as we thought she would bring a fresh perspective on the origins of its name. But, it was full of profanities and slandered the good name of beer in its entirety. So we’ll keep it simple… With a hefty amount of classic German Pilsner malts and wheat, then finished with a dose of Prickly Pear, this refreshing sour is going to be the top of your summer love-it list. See, that was easy, just purrrrfect.

5% ABV 20 IBU

Re-Released 5.24.16


Blood Sweat and Tears

Brewing is hard work and that’s not news to anyone, but this Barrel Aged Blood Orange Sour sure is. We’ve put more than the big four (Water, Grain, Hops, Yeast) into this brew. With the additional blood, sweat and tears (metaphorically of course) you’ll be able to taste dedication in a way you never have before. Guess what? Dedication tastes like a tart, refreshing sour ale with delicious oak tannins and a crisp orange finish. If you see a brewer, show some love, they deserve it.

5% ABV 20 IBU

Released 5.10.16



Our Belgian style golden ale fermented with 100% Brett and aged in red wine barrels. During its primary fermentation with wild yeast (Brettanomyces) it earned a distinct barnyard aroma (don’t worry, in the good way!).  Our Funky Gold skipped the fermentation in stainless tanks and went straight to our red wine barrels, which added the perfect amount of oakiness with surprising pineapple and other tropical fruit flavors. Even Tone Loc couldn’t handle this Funky Gold Medina.

6.7% ABV 10 IBU



Whoa whoa whoa, take it easy! We mean that white sheet of snow outside. We all know that magical things do indeed happen under the sheets (precious z’s, sexy time, a casual game of Battle Ship, etc.) but we believe all those things are trumped by that first crisp fall of fluffy, magical white stuff. From the inspiration of that pillowy bounty comes our Winter Wheat.

5.9% ABV 36 IBU


Trumpaloompa Spaced.jpg


Having Trumple deciding if this brew is the right candidate for you? Well just like politics, there's a lot more going on here than a name. You'll find our Blood Orange Old Ale worthy content for posting passive-agressive Facebook comments that inform your mother where you really stand on the pressing issues. Trumpaloompa is everything Mr. Trump is not: visually striking, honest in flavor, true to style, and it’s a beer (not a racist). We guarantee our nominee for winter office will not disappoint constituents near and far. Boasting an intense malt body and a strong presence of blood orange, making a notable presence like Donnie's beloved hair piece*.  

6.6 % ABV, 25 IBU

*In no way is William Steward Trump III (Donald Trump's hair piece) directly involved with the making of this beer.



Ryan goseling

German Gose

Hey Girl...here's one for your beer Notebook because this brew will take you to a Place beyond the Piney IPAs you're used to. With a heavy dose of wheat and the Gangster Squad duo of Saaz Mandarina Bavaria hops our Gose's tart, citrusy aroma Drives home the slightly salty, complex finish that only a Crazy, Stupid Lover could understand.


Wu-Tangerine Wit

A Belgian Witbier

We got a little gangsta with this one. The Wu-tangerine Wit ain't nothin to f*ck wit. We straight up used unmalted wheat along with phat Pilsner malt to craft this crisp and tasty brew. To produce its super fly citrus and clove flavors, we locked it up with a traditional Belgian yeast. We left this one dirty and unfiltered, just like we like our women. To kick it up a notch on the gangsta scale, we added fresh tangerine juice, giving it a pop of citrus, making this one a hella tight summertime brew. Dress this lil boo up with a citrus slice or let it roll on its own. Protect yo neck!

4.2% ABV 12 IBU



An extremely drinkable and unfiltered, lighter Blonde ale brewed with lactobacillus. Light hop crispness, subtle sweetness that is balanced out by an incredibly smooth tart and sour finish.

Notes of orange and clove aroma take flight to bring your senses to higher levels. Excellent summertime sour ale that is sure to quench your palette.





Here is a nice, smooth and hoppy offering from our pilot series. It’s quite a unique I.P.A. for the style. Using a similar but much larger grist bill as our EDS (Everday Special), its light and crisp malt profile tangos wonderfully with the additions of HBC-342, Chinook, Perle and Centennial hops. Pine, grapefruit and awesomeness is the first things that comes to mind while sipping on this easy drinking I.P.A. This one is for the Dawg Daze of our beautiful Flagstaff Winter. Enjoy friends.

6.2% ABV  /  64 IBU 



Sarsaparilla Brown Ale


Well, here is a unique and extremely quaffable brew from our pilot series. This brown ale at heart was brewed with sarsaparilla, sassafras root, wintergreen and a touch of vanilla to round out this sassy beast. Also, contains unfermentable milk sugar to give it a creamy and smooth body. It has a root beer quality, but at 5.6% ABV, it is definitely still a beer.

5.6% ABV / 23 IBU 



Mango / Smoked Chipotle Pale Ale


It's getting pretty cold up here in Northern, AZ. So we decided to add a little heat to our beer. We had locally grown peppers smoked by our friends at Satchmo's BBQ right here in Flagstaff. Then we acquired fresh organic mangos and blended them together to produce this beverage with hints of smokiness, subtle mango sweetness and just the right amount of heat. Enjoy!

5.4% ABV / 30 IBU 



Imperial Red Ale with Raspberries, Rose hips and Lavender.


Go ahead, take a sip and cuddle up with the warming and ever so delightful Bear Arms!

10.4% ABV  /  62 IBU



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"Old Brown"


A style originating from the Flemish region of Belgium, we replicated it this slightly tart, acidic and extremely refreshing brew the “Historic” way. We inoculated a small batch of brew with a blend of Saccharomyces yeasts, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus to sour and dry out the beer to the critters likings. After four months of aging, we blended this extremely sour batch with a fresh younger batch to balance it out into the delicately delicious treat of a beer. Low in alcohol and big on flavor, this Oud Bruin came rolling home…

4.3% ABV  /  20 IBU



Bacon, Coffee Porter


Everyone loves a little 6 degress of Kevin Bacon in their lives. We are bringing you just a little closer to that sexy hunk of a man with the Wake N’ Kevin Bacon. In celebration of the 30 year anniversary of an old classic, Footloose, we tip our hat to the ol’ Bacon and put on our dancing shoes on with this one. Beginning with a tasty Porter, we added locally roasted cold steeped coffee and pounds of bacon in this eye opener.

6.2% ABV  /  18 IBU



Rose, Lavender Red Ale


We have nothing but love for all the mamas out there! Just in time for Mother’s Day, This beer is dedicated to all the Mama’s out there who turned you from an embryo into the wonderful, shimmering human you are today. A tasty Red Ale with a beautifully balanced hop profile fused together with rose petals, rose hips and lavender to yield this unique brew with a perfumey  and floral aroma. So, instead of flowers this year, get her a growler of this to celebrate the woman who produced such a perfect specimen. Also, don’t forget to call Yo Mamma!

5% ABV  /  30 IBU



Wheat IPA


American Wheat IPA utilizing the amazing hops, Green Bullet, Chinook and Citra. Fruity, tropical and zesty flavors and aromas dominate this hop centric big Bull Chitra. Mmmm soo good. A truly unique I.P.A. of it own, and that’s no Bull Citra.

6.5% ABV  /  71 IBU



Double IPA


Fist Bump Barleywine: This baby has got it going on, kinda like your mom. Formulated to boost your ego and say goofy things like “Wicked Barley Pop Brah,” you will be clashing knucks all the way to Hoppy Town. For those of you awesome enough to go for the b.w., we fist bump you!


8.4% ABV  /  81 IBU



Black Tea Pale Ale

Mr. T would definitely ‘pity the fool’ who doesn’t try this tasty pale ale infused with black oolong tea (oolong you long time) imported straight from China. Seriously, that boat did not deviate from course. To find such a glorious tea, we went to Seven Cups Tea house right here in Tucson, AZ (yay, Tucson!). These guys really know their Chinese tea and happen to be fans of Mr. T. Hence, Pit-Tea Da Fool Pale Ale is a beautiful golden color that rivals sunsets, and tastes of sweet alfalfa with a hint of black licorice. This balances perfectly with a floral and fruity hop character to create a unique, thirst-quenching brew that pairs well with Mohawks, Fauxhawks and heavy gold blingy bling.




We here at Historic are pretty fond of our little team of hardworking beer-bots. Zack is our newest and youngest pup who SURPRISED us by kicking ass on the pilot system. Zack in the Box Brown is just one shining example of this man’s genius. It’s a well balanced brown ale that will satisfy the malt mongers out there, without being over the top in sweetness.  A generous heaping of Mt. Hood and Horizon hops added throughout the boil create an incredibly balanced and drinkable brown ale with toasted, nutty, and roasted notes. Watch out, it might surprise you too!

5.6% ABV  /  30 IBU



Oatmeal Porter

“Oh oh, here she comes…” Dark, smooth, and malty, this “Maneater” of a brew will “make your dream come true.” No need to be a “Rich Girl” to celebrate the coming of Autumn and all its glory. It’s time to close up those windows on these chilly nights and enjoy this malty oatmeal brown porter that clocks in at...

6% ABV  /  20 IBU




Sonoran Fu ManChu-Pichu: This unique brew pays homage to that meticulously and strategically carved face fur known as the Fu Manchu.  Originally and proudly worn by Chinas Mongol Invaders, they settled for nothing less than perfection as did we in this Wheat Ale brewed with Arizona Sonoran White Wheat from BKW Farms in Marana, AZ. Just when you thought this beer couldn’t get any sexier, we stepped up our game by adding fresh organic Pichu Berries sourced from the Andes Mountains of Peru. This super food berry is loaded with anti-oxidants and magic… similar to the Fu Manchu itself! So go on, take a sip and let that frothy foam garnish that facial, warrior tapestry. Ok, we have no idea what we’re talking about… All we know is that we love this beer and we love the Fu Manchu.

5.8% ABV  / 24 IBU




A little history lesson for you. During the 19th century Belgian farmers used to sip on this specialty brew style we now coin the highly regarded “Saison.” Due to lack of clean water, farm hands were given this farmhouse brew to keep them hydrated, happy and illness free. See! Beer is magic. It is also fact that goats are a big fan of saisons just like their fellow farmers. Lack of access to this beverage can result in the extremely loud and ridiculous screaming. No really, it’s a thing.  Studies are being conducted to determine whether or not the same side effect presents itself in humans. To be safe, we say indulge in the Screaming Goat Saison. This traditional Saison aged in Arizona Red Wine barrels yields a clean, slightly tart character with an earthy finish. Easy drinking and quite quenching. Perfect for summertime. Please, keep away from the goats. We don’t want to create mass goat hysteria.

4.8% ABV  / 38 IBU


Ryan follow your Dreamsicle

This tangerine cream ale is the first batch from our new 3 barrel pilot system.  It is a lighter cream ale, with excellent bright notes of tangerine and grapefruit.  The addition of ground vanilla beans enhances the creaminess and really makes you think you’re drinking a creamsicle!  Light in color and alcohol, this dreamsicle will help you get ready for summer and put you in the mood for shorts, sunglasses, tank tops, and sticky fingers from melting summer snacks.  Not only is it our first pilot batch brew, it is our head brewer’s last brew before he forsakes the Arizona sun for the abundant cheeses of Wisconsin.  We fondly say goodbye with this brew as we say Ryan, Follow Your Dreamsicle!

5.7% ABV 18 IBU





Round the rugged rocks the rascal ran.  You know you need unique New York.  Five flippant Frenchman fly from France for fashions.  How Now Brown… SOUR!  Much like Ron Burgundy, after sipping our surprising, sumptuously scintillating sour, you will need to practice your diction!  This bombastic barrel-aged brown ale will purse your lips and pucker your senses.  Our first super sour ale packs a punch for your piehole; it won’t be for everyone, but for you sour savouries out there, get ready to have your taste buds wetted with whimsical whirling wonder, not for the weak weary wusses.  WHAMMY!

5.7% ABV 22 IBU