Kegs To Go

How can you get more awesomeness in your piehole? Kegs To Go! We offer up kegs in ½ and 1/6 barrel sizes for all your home partying needs. Read about our keg rental and how you can reserve some delicious craft beer for your next epic event.




Keg Rental Policy

Our keg rentals are totally FREE; however, we do require cold hard cash of $100 for each keg that leaves with you. Kegs with taps gotta come back to us within 10 days of the date of purchase. Kegs without taps (for you fancy people with your own kegerators) must be returned within 60 days.

We will process your deposit (i.e. run your card, cash your check, etc) after your deposit period is up. But hey! Relax. You will get it all back when you roll these pretty babies back through our front door, unharmed of course.



We can’t possibly guarantee we will have all of our beers in all keg sizes, so please call ahead to reserve your keg.

When you get your keg, please remember a 1/2 barrel keg weighs between 155-165 lbs, so be careful moving it, you macho man! We are not responsible for hernias or broken backs. Of course, we will help you get it in your car from the brewery, but after that, you are on your own.


Of course some beers are a little fancier than others with higher alcohol contents, so they cost a little more. But here's what our Kegs To Go start at for a ballpark idea:

15.5 GAL KEG "1/2 BARREL"

Starts at $130

5.16 GAL KEG "1/6 BARREL"

Starts at $97


Austin or Call 928.824.8522

To order a Keg To Go or simply discuss pricing or any questions you might have, contact Jodi. She’s always working hard to make sure you stay properly hydrated with our crafty brew.

Oh, and don’t forget you can also come into the brewery to fill growlers seven days a week!