The Makers of Awesome

Historic Brewing Company was born out of a huge dream taken on by too few people. We all have a passion for craft beer and a vision that doesn't involve working for the man. We are family, we do it our way, and we chose the name "Historic" because we believe history is what you make of it. Craft what matters.




John “Johnny” Kennelly

Co-Founder + Master Beer Taster


A big lover of craft beer, Johnny has long had a dream of running his own brewery. It was just a little spark of an idea until the Spring of 2013 when that spark ignited into a freaking firecracker. Johnny has spent the last few years owning and operating his family’s three restaurants in Williams, AZ, where you can find many taps flowing full of craft beer greatness. Always dreaming of owning his own brewery, he one day shared this entrepreneurial vision with his sister Carole and brother Tom and a high-five was heard around the world. Fueled by the support of his kick-ass wife Tami and two ridiculously cute daughters, Johnny believes that craft beer doesn't need to be fussy, it just needs to be good.

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Carole Kennelly

Co-Founder + Maker of the Fun


Carole made her way back to Flagstaff from the San Francisco Bay with her dude and a dream of putting her heart into something she's passionate about. An entrepreneur just like her brother and co-founder John, Carole's true talents are winning over hearts in sales and marketing. She also creates most of the awesome names for the Historic Brews. Plus she's also kicking ass for their sister company, Grand Canyon Winery. Carole loves gardening, yoga, juicing, supporting local and throwing some big fist bumps to mother nature.

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Jeffrey Ryan May

Experienced Beer Taster + Event Support


Jeffrey made his to Flagstaff from the glorious state of California chasing his love of beer and the love of a beautiful woman. A true artist and craftsman, he spends his free time throwing pots on the wheel and working with wood. This man is good with his hands. In the brewery, Jeffrey brings a soft-spoken energy combined with the strength of a lumberjack, perfect for slinging kegs and hauling grain. Jeff is good for anything that needs to get done and has the stamina of an ox to follow through.

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Sherril Kennelly

Co-Founder + Keeper of the Books


This mother of the bunch is the reason it's all possible. Sherrill's retirement plan went awry when this crazy lady chose to invest in the hopes and dreams of her ambitious offspring and (along with their father, Kevin Kennelly) be the primary investor in their brewery project. When she's not meticulously going over the books, Sherrill spends her hours writing music, rocking out at local open mics, and tending to her verdant backyard garden. Mother of five, grandmother of ten, this generous mama is an inspiration to us all in her ability to balance family with family business.

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Zack "Muffins" Stoll

Brewer + The Muffin Man


From Philly, by way of the Sierra Nevada of California, Zack is a master of the outdoors, science, and taking care of business. His training in brewing started back in his undergrad days in PA with a course in the Art and Science of brewing, and then he completed his brew education (brewducation?) with the American Brewers Guild while working with wildlife in the California mountains. If you're lucky, you can find him brewing it up, behind the bar, or shredding some trail on his bike. Oh, and he REALLY likes muffins.







With her roots in the beaches of Jersey, this brewer's heart now resides in the mountains.  A chemist by trade yet unsatisfied with work, Kristen dabbled in home brewing, then went back to school to study brewing and distilling in Scotland.  A little brewery on the East coast in Delaware hired her fresh outta grad school where she spent the next three years with her most prized souvenir from Europe, her Belgian husband.  Still wanting more out of her professional life, she sought out Historic and the rest is history, as they say.   Science and creativity rule her life, and she spends her free time mucking about with "grandma crafts", baking, cooking, and anything she can make with her hands.  You can also find her on her bike trying not the fall off, hiking trying not to trip over, or on her couch avoiding her horrible sense of klutziness.  Brewing has become the perfect marriage of science and art in this ginger's life, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

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Education + DOPE BEATS


From the foothills of the Rock Mountains in Colorado, now stationed in Phoenix, Dan Lee is our dude with the magic touch. From teaching all our crew about the nerdy parts of beer to producing hip-hop videos for our special beer releases, he does it all. Moonlighting as the leader of the Phoenix Blues-Rock band The Copper States, Dan loves to be in front of a crowd. That’s probably why you’ll find him talking it up for HBC at festivals, beer dinners, taping events and all over the HBC Youtube. Easy way to shut him up is with a great beer in his hand. Promise, he’ll quite down sooner or later.